Sicilian cooking class

I open my house and my kitchen to offer you another way to travel, an experience trough Sicilian food.
This magic will start with preparing a typical Sicilian menu and it will end with eating what you cooked.

We will cook together: kneading with your hands, rolling with a rolling pin, creating different pasta shapes (ravioli, cavatelli, busiate), making Parmigiana (the Queen of Sicilian cuisine: layers of fried aubergines with tomatoes sauce, basil, parmesan and provola cheese and boiled eggs), preparing typical cake.
It will be a moment of conviviality while I will tell the secrets about every dish, every ingredient by my traditional family recipes.

We will stay in my large and bright kitchen and, around my kitchen island during 4 hours, we will have fun together.
After, we will eat together the dishes cooked, drinking some glass of wine.

To simplify your learning I will provide you with recipes text in English or French and at the end of cooking class I will give you a certificate. During cooking class you will have an apron and all tools to work.

We can plan together the shorter cooking class duration.
Please notice in advance any allergies or intolerance.

My house is in the city center, it is close at a big parking. After lunch you can stroll and reach the magnificent San Giorgio cathedral, five minutes far.

If you love Sicilian and Italian food, contact me at and book your lesson, individual or a maximum 4 people.


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